Every Drop…

In Every Drop of Top1 there is a story, the story of a unique partnership between two men from distinctly different backgrounds’, cultures and generations.  Individually they seemingly had nothing in common but together they shared a  Bond based on Trust, a Passion for Quality and a Sense of Adventure.

The Essence…

We’re a family-owned company that’s passionate about our brand, our products, and especially the people we do business with. The Essence of Top 1 is people. We are inclusive viewing everyone involved in our business as part of the Top 1 Family.


We could offer products that come from the lowest cost supplier but we don’t….we only source the highest quality raw materials.  We’ve invested more than 40 years developing and formulating high quality innovative lubricants.  This is our way.


Our inspiration comes from those who embrace challenges, seek limitless potential and breakthrough barriers.

Our Home…

We are proud to be an American brand headquartered in the Great State of California.  California is known as a place of innovation and exploration.  Not only to those in business and entertainment but also in its stewardship of the environment.  Top 1 lives and breathes the California lifestyle and our responsibility is to bring a piece of California to all our customers around the world


Our products represent more than a lubricant solution, they represent a better way to treat your valuable vehicle and machinery.  As a pioneer in synthetic lubricants we have provided greater protection for your car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, etc.  Our products change markets from being price conscious to being quality conscious.

Our Colors…

Our colors are not just about design….. they are significant in their meaning to the brand and its people.

Yellow = Energy / Red = Passion / White = Purity / Blue = Quality

The Journey…

Our journey is about what each day brings and how we as a family make the best of  today. We celebrate our victories, learn from our failures and appreciate all that we have.


We believe that everyone has a role to play in improving the world. That’s why we do our part by allocating a portion of our profits to making a difference and encouraging everyone in our TOP 1 family to bring about positive change in our local communities. We focus our social responsibility efforts on the following three areas.


We believe in investing in our children for a brighter future. As an example, our distributor in Cambodia sponsors a program that donates school supplies to school children in underdeveloped rural areas.


We believe in developing lubricants that bring greater efficiency to vehicles worldwide. We also offer eco-friendly composite cans that are more efficiently recycled than widely used plastic containers.


We believe in helping to break the cycle of childhood poverty. We’re a longtime corporate sponsor of the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), an award-winning nonprofit that helps families transform their lives.


We care deeply about the one planet that we all share.  Our industry and the products we sell are rarely viewed as being positive for the environment. We believe that sustainability starts with having the willingness to innovate our products in ways that improve our world. Specifically, we know that energy consumption is the leading contributor to the increase in greenhouse gases worldwide, so we are doing everything in our power develop products that help to reduce energy consumption. By continuing to innovate and ensuring our products last longer and make engines run more efficiently, we are having a positive impact on the world we all share.