Evolution XK-99 Full Synthetic Engine Oils

Formulated with the best of the best.

The world is full of synthetic engine oils and there is no question that synthetics outperform conventional lubricants.  However, to simply add the word “SYNTHETIC” on your label does not make a high performing product.  In short, not all synthetic engine oils are the same.

Top 1 has been a leader and innovator of synthetic lubricants for almost 40 years and we understand what it takes to make a great synthetic oil.  Our latest addition, Evolution XK-99 is a Great Synthetic Oil.

Why is Evolution XK-99 a great synthetic oil?  Because it combines the highest quality raw materials:

1.  PAO + ESTER base oil combination

2. A fully licensed top tier additive system

3. Top 1’s own “essence”, Mo3

The Formula for a Great Synthetic Oil

Evolution XK-99

PAO Benefits

  • Improves Power and Performance
  • Low and High Temperature stability
  • Low Volatility
  • Fuel Economy Improvements
  • Increased Oil Drain Intervals

Ester Benefits

  • Increased Lubricity
  • Increased oil film strength
  • Solubility with Additives
  • Seal Compatibility and Conditioning
  • Engine Cleanliness

Mo3 Benefits

  • Reduces Engine Wear
  • Controls Excessive Engine Heat
  • Reduces Friction
  • Controls Oxidation
  • Fast Acting