Why Synthetic Oil?

Using Synthetic Oil Makes Your Engine Last Longer

Synthetic motor oils represent the highest-quality engine lubricants available today.

Using the latest generation of refining technology, the base oils used in synthetic motor oils are highly refined and hydrotreated to maximize the conversion of unsaturated to saturated hydrocarbons and bring sulfur levels to the minimum possible.


*  Higher flash point

*  Lower pour point

*  Oxidation stability

*  High viscosity index

*  Lower friction

*  Improved detergency

*  Extra shear strength


*  Provides thermal stability

*  Improved lubrication at low temperature

*  Extended oil drains, resists severe conditions

*  Functions like a multi-grade oil

*  Improved energy efficiency and fuel economy

*  Helps keep surfaces clean of deposits

*  Prevents viscosity thinning

So why TOP 1 Synthetic Oil?

TOP 1 synthetic motor oils use the highest quality unconventional base oils combined with high-technology proprietary additives to deliver unmatched engine performance. Ultimately, using TOP 1 synthetic oil provides your engine with better protection, which results in longer-lasting engine life.